1. frakfraco:


    Here’s a first glimpse of the VeggieTales show I’ve been working with my crew for over a year! 

    This is what I have been doing over in Tennessee! Check it out yo!

    First trailer is out! Watch it. Watch it NOW!

  2. elioli-art:

    The Veggies are back, and they have colored eyes! ;D

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  3. So I kind of dropped the ball on the whole 7 Days of Color challenge; things have been busy and stressful lately and I haven’t had time to do much besides sketch. I was bummed that I couldn’t get everything finished but this was one i had been prepared in advance for the next red day. 

  4. I cannot explain how much I love New Girl. Just caught up on the entire third season and doodled these “caricatures” up during work breaks. It’s still hard for me to find a solid balance between realism and cartoon that I’m happy with, but I had fun with them.

  5. 7 Days of Color, Week 2, Day 4:

    Jade Cellist

  6. 7 Days of Color, Week 2, Day 3:

    Aureate Thatcher

  7. 7 Days of Color, Week 2, Day 2:

    Persimmon Sunshine

  8. elioli-art:

    Hey guys! So, there was a press release from a handful of Mom bloggers about 2 weeks ago. Got permission from HR to share some of these blog posts! We even got a mention in one of them too!

    ELI’s concept picture of one of the locations in the show is shown here, as well as OLI’s rendition of some of the characters plopped in there. 

    And just being the picky one, Bob in the promotional images looks super awkward. He’s a lot cuter than that! Don’t know why they didn’t show him with open eyes and a full smile, but oh well. Wait ‘till you see these guys in motion! A lot of hard work being put into this by all the crew. :)

    And yes, we do read your tags and responses. Your feedback has been very interesting! ;) 

    Credit goes to: 


    Bacon Bill makes his public debut. Hold on to your socks guys; I know I’ve said it before, but this is gonna be one cool show.

  9. 7 Days of Color, Week 2, Day 1:

    Scarlet Suspenders

  10. 7 Days of Color, Day 7:

    Violet Moonlight