1. I’m going to the beach soon

  2. Sketched this up a while back but finally got around to finishing it. Sort of a summer version of this piece, though the characters have changed a bit since then. 

  3. I’ve been re-listening to the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman at work recently. They are some of my absolute favorite books and I love the concept of the Daemons (animal companions that every human has and basically they are physical representations of peoples souls. They settle into a particular form that is indicative of the individuals personality) I think my Daemon would definitely be a Kayan Loris. And his name would be Jasper.

  4. Birthday gift for a coworker! She loves Doctor Who and quite frankly would make a phenomenal Time Lord. I know literally nothing about Doctor Who except that for some reason the doctor is always a dude. And bow ties are cool. 

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  7. Last weekend I graduated from Syracuse University and my college days officially came to a close. As cliche as it sounds, they were truly the best years of my life and would not have been the same without the people that I shared them with. These are portraits I’ve been working on the last couple weeks of my fellow illustration majors. They are all immensely talented artists and, moreover, they are all incredible people and I am thrilled to have spent the last four years with them all.

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  9. More sketching, these guys are always fun to draw.

  10. All I do is draw